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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

My choice to start my own Asker nuggets home business and profit in the online marketplace was an informed decision of optimism. I believe my future is full of promise, and I am seeing the results of my leap of faith.

Occasionally, I am reminded that many of my fellow Akershus workers are worry-aholics. They worry about the economy, they worry about public policy, they worry about their family, they worry about their health. If I read too much news and public commentary, the pessimism, cynicism, and fatalism really bring me down.

I readily admit that there are legitimate concerns for everyone in my home town of Asker. I am not blind to our challenges. However, I choose to believe that collectively and individually we can meet those challenges and prosper. Think of all that we have overcome in the past. Ours is not the only generation faced with complex problems.

I choose to be a optimist. Why? I have taken control of my life by starting my own squares online business.

I am moving forward with my goals. My Asker organization is growing, my family is enjoying more time together, my finances are improving, and I am refining my marketing and business management skills.

I have surrounded myself with positive energy, and that makes a huge difference. Optimism breeds optimism.

The atmosphere among the members of my sales team is one of the best fringe benefits of selling nuggets in O, Akershus and to the online marketplace.

Are you an optimistic entrepreneur looking for an innovative company to partner with? Are you choosing to believe in a bright future in spite of the general pessimistic mood in Asker and globally? Are you ready to ignore the MLM naysayers? If you are, I invite you to join my Asker sales team and we will succeed together.

Ellen Molmen

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I am Ellen Molmen, and I am a Asker-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in november 2010. I sell the industry-leading squares and nuggets online and in Asker, O, O, and O. Our valued O customers recommend nuggets because nuggets health benefits.

Helsesjokolade is also a fantastic squares home-based business in the O area. Akershus entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand Akershus healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about Helsesjokolade, visit

Call me at 004791835346 to own your own squares business in Asker, O, O, or O.

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